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Behind Six Windows

Captured by concrete, profit and dust

Punctuated by pain, pleasure and impermanence

Unsustained and unsustainable


Behind six windows.

She is dying inside


Shadowed on a sidewalk somewhere else

She watched us from time immemorial

Waiting, hoping, loving

Behind six windows.

To live is to die

To die is to live

Only love and light survive- Permanence

Something we found unfashionable for too long

As dust remains unsettled

Behind six windows.

Schumpeter and Thoreau

Were blood brothers

In a supreme battle also missed

Through ten thousand books

Faded into lost minds of generations past

Green to grey, grey to red

Linear to curves, curves to circular

Do we finally see… now?

Behind six windows.

Pain, pleasure and time

Slip through wrinkled hands

Between structures, locks and cages

More slowly see her

A new vision

Another glimpse

The Great Glimpse

The Seventh Window

Before another tiny tear quickly disappears...

Lee Spano, Fine Art Photography,

This work is available as a Limited Edition (LE) print. For a free information package, please visit this page: .

© Copyright Lee Spano. All rights reserved.


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