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S E E D S  F O R  T H E  M I N D

Seeds for the Mind contains some of the recent writing of Lee Spano. Seeds are small to begin with, some grow, some do not. The ones that grow often grow large. Seeds are nature. Seeds are us. Through nature, though our higher, creative mind, we can return home. Lee's humble intention is to provide insights and inspirations to help others Heal and broaden Consciousness.

May 2023

“A suggested affirmation for meditation- I release now: Fear, Anxiety, Anger, self-Doubt, (FAAD)." - Lee Spano.


"Be grateful for each breath." - Lee Spano.


"Always see goodness." - Lee Spano. 


"I can't X. I can Y. Perspective then Movement. Unity: Z." - Lee Spano 


"Can we see Dark Energy through Transcendence?" - Lee Spano.


"One question. One answer. Truth lives in simplicity." - Lee Spano.


"Paradox = Two > One > Transcendence. Serve others and we will find Purpose and Peace." - Lee Spano.


"Bliss in each breath." - Lee Spano.


“Art has always healed.” – Lee Spano.


“Life is shorted than your Art.” – Lee Spano.


“In Big Time, our days, our weeks, our years only matter for a second.”- Lee Spano.


“Wind comes from light, and light comes from wind.” – Lee Spano.  


"Our mortality leads us to higher truth." - Lee Spano.


"For Life to love Life. For Nature to love Nature. Essence." - Lee Spano.


"Look for the energy in nature for all Truth." - Lee Spano.


"Impermanence and Unity are joined by Just Love (JL)." - Lee Spano. 


"Love > Do > Become." - Lee Spano.


"To help resolve suffering is the highest Calling." - Lee Spano.


“Words can be another great illusion.” – Lee Spano. 

April 2023


"Words create memories, memories create lives." - Lee Spano.


"In stillness we feel the sound of the Universe." - Lee Spano.


"Through Love, we return home." - Lee Spano.


"Legacy through Just Love (JL)." - Lee Spano.


"The lesson of Time: this too will pass." - Lee Spano.


"Poetry has always shown our soul and our destiny." - Lee Spano.


"We only have today and the Breath. It took me a long time to really appreciate this insight. The Buddhists were right 2,500 years ago." - Lee Spano.


“Light and art are different sides of the same coin.” – Lee Spano. 


"Through Nature we return Home." - Lee Spano.


"Gratitude can melt the Sun." - Lee Spano.


"Be the Silence within." - Lee Spano.


"Stillness is a hidden gift." - Lee Spano.


"JL is a force." - Lee Spano.


"Maybe our mission is to simply share the Light within?" - Lee Spano.


"The birds have always known perfection is an illusion." - Lee Spano.


"Answers are within." - Lee Spano.


"Only after thought can we find Light." - Lee Spano.


"Words are like the wind- passing, yet infinite." - Lee Spano.


"Time is an illusion."- Lee Spano.


"Birds do not bother with time. They cherish each day. They teach us about the illusion of time. They teach us about Consciousness." - Lee Spano.


"Birds are closer to Nature, closer to Home. They can teach us about Presence each day. They are our humble friends." - Lee Spano.


“Letting go is the Light within." - Lee Spano.


"Kaizen- Japanese for constant improvement and growth. I now marry this with daily peace and love." - Lee Spano.


"Our daily refuge defines each breath and so defines our life." - Lee Spano.


"Just be an ocean of loving with me each day." - Lee Spano.


"In times of challenge we discover the truth within." - Lee Spano.


"After the final breath we return to infinite Light." - Lee Spano.


"After voice, style and time, we find Truth." - Lee Spano.


"Let us make each other better people. This is the hidden Gift in challenges. It moves the Ego to Service and Just Love." - Lee Spano.


"Joy waits in the gap between each breath." - Lee Spano.


"Each day let us bathe in Light and Trees." - Lee Spano.


"Our mortality gifts us compassion." - Lee Spano.


"Gratitude heals." - Lee Spano.


"I realise now expectations are an illusion." - Lee Spano.


"Change begins with one step, then steps and people compound. Nature is the same. The courage lies in the doing, each day, the planting of seed." - Lee Spano.


"Truth is in the Unity above human Dualism." - Lee Spano.


“Nature is the gateway to the Universe.” – Lee Spano. 

March 2023

“Our Breath lives between Light and darkness.” – Lee Spano.


“Nature gifts us Self and Presence.” – Lee Spano.


“The path we walk comes from every Breath.”- Lee Spano. 


“We become Spirit at birth, and when we return Home.” – Lee Spano. 


“A smile is a free gift from the Light within.” – Lee Spano.


"To become a builder of bridges." - Lee Spano.


"What if every negative thought is an illusion." - Lee Spano. 


"We can choose to live above the line each day, each minute." - Lee Spano.


"It was never our fault." - Lee Spano.


"Only after the rain can we grow." - Lee Spano.


"I am fully grateful for this day, this breath." - Lee Spano.


“Just thank you." - Lee Spano.


"The rain falls, the wind blows, we breathe, the universe loves." - Lee Spano.


"Like is our journey home." - Lee Spano.


"Our full intelligence comes from the Heart." - Lee Spano. 


"One is the In Breath full of Light." - Lee Spano.


"Like Light, nature’s seasons are our teachers." - Lee Spano. 


“ The power of Three is ancient. The Egyptians and their pyramids evidence this fact. I have many pyramids in our home. I always look for Three in Art and Nature. The Breath also teaches Three." - Lee Spano.


"The Breath's Three: In, Out, Light." - Lee Spano.


“Love has always saved us.” – Lee Spano. 

February 2023

“Live in the space between spirit and breath.” – Lee Spano. 


“Happiness is seeing Light, inside and out.” – Lee Spano.


“Space is the breath of art.” - Frank Lloyd Wright


“Art is the breath of the Universe.” – Lee Spano.


“Today I will focus on the magic of the Breath; it is my pathway Home.” – Lee Spano.

“Our quest is to harmonise the mind and the heart.” – Lee Spano.


“You end with the possibilities of the immaterial.” – Lee Spano. 


“When plants were born, they gifted to us Spirit.” – Lee Spano.


“Gratitude can change the world.” – Lee Spano.


"Consciousness = Presence + Unity + Love." - Lee Spano. 


“When we give love we become Love." - Lee Spano.


"The Universe expands and then contracts: < > ; our Consciousness is at the centre of the Universe." - Lee Spano.

“When we share, we all grow.” – Lee Spano.


“There is Light because there is dark.” – Lee Spano. 


"The Breath is the gateway to the stars." - Lee Spano.


"Between the objective and subjective we have One." - Lee Spano. 


"Just Be." - Lee Spano.


“Less gifts truth.” – Lee Spano. 


"We are landscape"- Lee Spano.


"Finding the sweet curve of a smile." - Lee Spano.


"One smile can change the world." - Lee Spano .


"Every breath can take us to somewhere we haven't been before." - Lee Spano .


"Zen breathing is a soft power within." - Lee Spano.


“Everything passes except the love of family."- Lee Spano.


"Our highest purpose is Just Love (JL)." - Lee Spano. 


"We must teach each other Acceptance and Presence in all things."- Lee Spano.


"In simplicity we find Truth." – Lee Spano.

January 2023

“The good life lives between each breath.” – Lee Spano. 


“One smile is eternal.” – Lee Spano. 


“We break, we heal, we return.” – Lee Spano. 


“Our work is as meaningful as the wind.” – Lee Spano. 

“When we become water, the destination does not matter.” – Lee Spano. 


December 2022

“Knowledge is like the wind.” – Lee Spano.


“Simplification opens the door to Unity.” – Lee Spano.


“Without love, who are we?” – Lee Spano. 


“Maybe normalcy is just a set of illusions.” – Lee Spano. 


“Laws and love just don’t mix.” – Lee Spano. 

“Become the light inside of you.” - Lee Spano.


“Art and Spirit are the same thing.” – Lee Spano. 

“A great art work must be humble, speak softly and move slowly.” – Lee Spano. 

“Where vision touches feeling we find Art.” – Lee Spano. 

November 2022

“Life is about accepting the now, and following the Light." - Lee Spano.

"Infinity transcends to One." - Lee Spano.

"Through Just Love (JL) we find our true self, we find We." -Lee Spano.


"Suffering can usher Transcendence. We find the Deep I. This is the message of The Cross and many faiths. Pain ushers in the Devine. Negative becomes positive. Two become One."  - Lee Spano.


"Invite the Transcendent Dimension into your life. Rise. Become We. Embrace Light, Love, Unity and Ser-vice. Return to the Universe and God. Return home." - Lee Spano.


"The Deep I, the Transcendent I is your pure self. The I in the first and last minute of life. The I beyond self. The I from the higher creative mind. The I returned from the Universe or God. The We." - Lee Spano.


"Perhaps we must return to the first  minute of our birth...and maybe the last minute. The full circle gives us the potential for Enlightenment and Transcendence." - Lee Spano.


“Art is always inward.” – Lee Spano.


“Silence has the loudest voice.” – Lee Spano.


“Art is breathing.” – Lee Spano


“I like to explore the space between emotion and reason.” – Lee Spano.


“Interdependence - needing people is a strength and a gift.” – Lee Spano.


"Time and people are precious and ephemeral." - Lee Spano.





“ When we are still, when we love, when we are one, we become the Light.” – Lee Spano

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