S E E D S  F O R  T H E  M I N D

Seeds for the Mind contains some of the recent writing of Lee Spano. Seeds are small to begin with, some grow, some do not. The ones that grow often grow large. Seeds are nature. Seeds are us. Through nature, though our higher, creative mind, we can return home. Lee's humble intention is to provide insights and inspirations to help others Heal and broaden Consciousness.


December 2022

November 2022

“Life is about accepting the now, and following the Light." - Lee Spano.

"Infinity transcends to One." - Lee Spano.

"Through Just Love (JL) we find our true self, we find We." -Lee Spano.


"Suffering can usher Transcendence. We find the Deep I. This is the message of The Cross and many faiths. Pain ushers in the Devine. Negative becomes positive. Two become One."  - Lee Spano.


"Invite the Transcendent Dimension into your life. Rise. Become We. Embrace Light, Love, Unity and Ser-vice. Return to the Universe and God. Return home." - Lee Spano.


"The Deep I, the Transcendent I is your pure self. The I in the first and last minute of life. The I beyond self. The I from the higher creative mind. The I returned from the Universe or God. The We." - Lee Spano.


"Perhaps we must return to the first  minute of our birth...and maybe the last minute. The full circle gives us the potential for Enlightenment and Transcendence." - Lee Spano.


“Art is always inward.” – Lee Spano.


“Silence has the loudest voice.” – Lee Spano.


“Art is breathing.” – Lee Spano


“I like to explore the space between emotion and reason.” – Lee Spano.


“Interdependence - needing people is a strength and a gift.” – Lee Spano.


"Time and people are precious and ephemeral." - Lee Spano.





“ When we are still, when we love, when we are one, we become the Light.” – Lee Spano

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