The Fine Art Photography of Lee Spano spans over twenty (20) years. His body of work has two over-arching characteristics-

  • Light Poetry, and

  • Unity.


Through Light Poetry photography and poetry are fused. Visual metaphors, multiple layers, and accompanying poetics create a new, richer form of expression.


The theme of Unity is derived from Lee’s concept of the Four Creative Unities (4CU)- 

  1. Unity of self.

  2. Unity between all people.

  3. Unity with nature. 

  4. Unity with reality. 


Here he merges recent scientific thought, such as David Bohm’s Implicate Order, with ancient spiritual principles, such as The Tao drawn from the work of Lao Tzu. 


The Japanese principle and aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi is linked to Unity. The beauty of ‘imperfection’ challenges existing ideas and ideals. When applied to nature, it leads us to ideas and feelings about identity, purpose and place. When applied to people, it teaches us about empathy, connection and inter-dependence. Wabi-Sabi collapses dichotomies and differences.


Lee’s vision is to continue the evolution of Fine Art Photography. Perhaps to take it to a new place. A place where the photographer and the viewer meet through and beyond the frame. A place beyond captured time. A place between chaos and harmony.  


“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”- Alfred Stieglitz

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