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VIP Membership

Join as a VIP Member for - 

  • First Notification. We notify our VIP Members first before the general public of all works, special events and other important news. 

  • Early Limited Editions. This first notification has very practical benefits, such as buying a Limited Edition (LE) work before its price rises. As works are sold in a LE series prices rise. 

  • Special Pricing. Our VIP Members enjoy special prices, offers or sales, either not available to the general public, or first offered to our VIP members.

  • Before Sold Out. VIP Members can therefore buy works before they are sold out. 

  • First Priority for Online Education. Our online education services are limited as to time and capacity. Our VIP Members enjoy first priority and choice in this regard. 

  • Free Monthly Newsletter. VIP Members receive our monthly newsletter for free, and so enjoy early attention of upcoming launches, events and other news.

  • Special or Rare Works. Sometimes we will not offer a special, rare work or collection to the public, instead only offering it to our VIP Members.  

  • Community. Our VIP Members often build strong relationships with each other and with us. This allows for opportunities, such as special commissions, special collections or projects, the sharing of unique insights and experiences, particularly by more experienced collectors or art professionals. Most importantly, community facilitates the movement of ideas, insights, creativity, and the love of art.   



To join as a VIP Member simply complete the following form- 















“The artist's job is to be a witness to his time in history.” -Robert Rauschenberg.

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