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Online Personalised Tutorials

We provide online tutorials in a one-on-one format, or small group format (up to 7) for you and your friends, family or colleagues. These are conducted via Zoom or Skype or teleconference, so geography no longer matters. We prefer these small formats over large group or mass media formats, such as  Youtube, because they are highly personalised. These formats are closer to mentoring or master-apprentice models of the past, and so are better suited to the development of artistic knowledge, skills and sensibilities. In particular-

  • Your specific needs can be met, notwithstanding your level of experience.

  • Your particular interests and genres can be looked at.

  • You can ask questions and receive specific answers and insights tailored to you.

  • You can begin to find your particular voice, style and focus on the themes you are interested in.

  • We also include free, an evaluation of up to five of your works. 

Flexible Higher Level Learning

We generally provide only a little structure to our hourly sessions. Instead we prefer to let you drive the direction, content and scope. We strive for flexible higher level learning, here are just some of the common questions and areas we cover-


  • Technicals. How can I easily understand the key technicals of photography to create a working template or system to easily apply?

  • Equipment. What is the essential photographic equipment I should buy and why? How can I do this affordably?

  • Genres. What are the key styles or genres of photography, and which should I focus on?

  • Post Production. What are some of the key Photoshop or Post Production techniques I should master?

  • Composition. How to I compose using and then breaking the compositional rules of photography and art?

  • Style. How do I begin to find a new or special style? Do I need a style at all?

  • Voice. How do I find my unique voice, drawing on my personal journey in life?

  • Higher Levels. How do I elevate my work to higher artistic levels, so I can find greater meaning, and deeply engage with my audience?

  • Narrative. How can I use narrative in my work?

  • Metaphor. How can I use metaphor in my work, and find higher poetic layers?

  • Well-Being. How can the arts, photography and creativity assist mental well-being? How can creativity heal, broaden consciousness, and empower the mind? 

  • Masters. Who are some of the masters of photography and art? What can I learn from them, and how can they inspire my work?

  • History. What are some of the important or relevant areas to me of Art History, including the history of Fine Art Photography? How can they help me develop my work, perhaps to break new ground?



Experience and Creatness


We have been teaching for many years now, and cover all levels of experience- from novices to professional photographers and artists. We also teach to those outside the arts, and have found our clients come from many walks of life, ranging from other teachers, trades to professionals and business people. Over the years we have found our clients returning many times, to continue to develop their knowledge, voice and creativity. Accessing and integrating the power of the higher creative mind we call Creatness. Creatness has become a golden thread running through all of our work. 

“I see the world different now.  The sky especially amazes me every day - it’s light and textures.  I just want to take photography of it.  I see landscapes in a different way, everything seems more interesting to me.  Thank you for opening my eyes to the world….”- Chris F., Chiropractic Assistant.


“Inspiring, motivating and thought provoking. This course has opened my eyes to a new world somewhat.  Having a new business it has stretched my mind and shown me that there is no right or wrong, it’s a creation and a story……”- Debbie S., Professional Photographer.


“Lee has improved my perspective on Photography. His insight and the breadth of the course has allowed me to experiment without fear and with greater Artistic Expression."- Brendt M., Chartered Accountant.

"This course has been refreshing and inspiring for me, as it has opened my eyes to elements in the world around me that I have over-looked artistically. Lee’s passion for his art inspires you to not only want to create more of your own art, but also to challenge what you see or don’t see in the world around you.”- Megan W., Drama & Art Teacher


"The course was more than enlightening. I now see more the beauty in the pictures and colours of the world and life.” - Tenille L.


“I have really enjoyed the course.  It has reignited my interest in photography.  It has added a new dimension to my life.  I will endeavourto enlighten other minds and so make a world a better place, little though it may be.  Thank you and I wish you well with your dream…”- Lawrie D., Builder & Developer.


 “I really enjoyed this course. The way it was presented by Lee really helped me to more understand the art of Photography and I can’t wait to put it all into practice.”- Ann Q., Business Owner.




For a free information package, just complete the below form. Our sessions are completely customisable- you can start with just one hourly session and see how you go, or schedule a block of sessions at a time to focus more deeply on a particular area or topic.

SPECIAL NOTE- We are currently reviewing this page, but still feel free to make a general enquiry below-

Thanks- we will be in touch shortly.

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”- Diane Arbus

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