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Lee's journey in photography and the arts has been arduous. It began in 1978, at the age of 11 when he began writing poetry and playing with cameras. Although he did these things separately, he clearly remembers seeing them as part of the same thing- looking for something behind the obvious, searching for something else. 


In 1992 Lee travelled throughout Europe. Artistic cities, such as Paris, Florence and Venice touched him in a profound way. At the time he could not quite explain it. Later he realised, it was at this time he began to really see and feel the power of light. During this time, he discovered ancestral stories and sensibilities. He began to see through history and look for things that connect us. He had early glimpses of the idea of Unity- an idea prevalent in the Renaissance.


In 1999 Lee moved from Sydney, Australia to a semi-rural area in the Brisbane - Gold Coast Corridor. Here he found the space and time to, just be. The diverse landscape and history was a blank canvas, a white page and an empty stage- all at the same time.  


Although Lee worked in several fields including law, business and finance, deep down he knew there was something missing. Something ancient and authentic. 


In time he realised creativity, poetry, art and photography were home. Here he found purpose, place and self.


Lee has built a large and diverse body of work spanning over 20 years, which he is slowly making public. They cut across traditional genres, such as abstract, landscape, portrait, documentary and street photography. He is searching for a new visual or photographic process. A different language or aesthetic. A unique voice.


Specific themes and concepts include: sustainability, harmony, equality, isolation, inter-dependence, identity, authenticity, paradox, and after presence. Today he tends to focus on metaphysical and spiritual themes, which have led to the over-arching characteristics of Light Poetry and Unity.


Lee has had several public exhibitions, and has also taught numerous workshops, where he is passionate about sharing the power and purpose of light and creativity. He believes these are things inherent in all of us, and in nature. 

Current professional memberships and subscriptions include-

  • Australia Council for the Arts

  • Arts Law Centre of Australia

  • Queensland Art Gallery

  • National Gallery of Victoria – Photography

  • American Photographic Artists (USA)

  • Center for Fine Art Photography (USA)

  • Center for Photographic Art (USA)

“Thus there exists an essential truth that must be disengaged from the outward appearance of the objects to be represented. This is the only truth that matters…Exactitude is not truth.” – Henri Matisse. 

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