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Works are available as high quality Limited Edition (LE) prints for your collection, home or office.




The Fine Art Photography of Lee Spano maximises quality and investment value by- 

  1. Limited Edition. Prints are made in Limited Editions (LE), making them rare and valuable. 

  2. Signed. Each work is signed by the artist and the LE number noted on the work. 

  3. Certificate. A Certificate of Authenticity is given to you noting the LE number and is also signed by the artist. This certificate is important for the provenance of the work. 

  4. Poetic or Caption. If the work has a special poetic or caption, this will also be printed, signed by the artist, and shipped with the work. 

  5. Immediate Value. As each LE print is sold, the price of the remaining works increase, thereby providing you with an immediate investment value. 

  6. Freshly Printed. Purchased works are printed as they are ordered. The latest technology and materials are used. This means you are buying a freshly printed work, which maximises longevity. 

  7. High Print Quality. The print process is of a high quality and archival standard, for further, see below. 

These processes give you peace of mind, and ensure you are purchasing a work that is investment grade. That is, an authentic, rare work of high quality, produced to a gallery or collector’s archival standard.


High Quality


Lee is meticulous about the photographic and print quality. He insists on high archival papers, inks and related materials. These details are documented in your Certificate of Authenticity. Lee only chooses the best photographic print companies to work with, and ensures they work to a museum or gallery standard. This attention to detail and pursuit of excellence maximises the longevity of the work, and its investment value. 


Your fine art photographic work can be enjoyed in your home, office, or if you are a commercial buyer, in a special public place, such as your corporate reception or boardroom.

Benefits of Buying Direct from the Artist

  • Better Prices. Works are often sold at better prices, given gallerist and other intermediary fees are avoided. 

  • Authenticity. When dealing direct with the artist, you minimise risks relating to authenticity. Good artists will provide detailed provenance materials, such as a signed Certificate of Authenticity. 

  • Maximising Investment Value. Buying early and direct from the artist, maximises investment value of the work. This is particularly so for Limited Editions, when prices often rise as editions are sold.

  • Multiple Purchases. Collectors who buy direct can make multiple, early purchases of a work, or related limited editions, or related works in a collection or series. This also maximises investment value. It also allows collectors to get a complete collection of say a five part series, before they are sold out. A complete collection of a rare work often has an added investment value over time.

  • Buyer Provenance. Buying direct from the artist can help you understand buyer provenance or the sales history of a work. If say, a celebrity or high net worth individual buys a work, this can dramatically raise the price of that work as a secondary sale. It can also raise the price of related works in primary sales of the related limited editions or collections. 

  • Relationship. You can build a direct and closer relationship with the artist through the website or social media and related channels. 

  • Specific Works & Deeper Access. This relationship allows you to find specific types of works in terms of style, aesthetic or theme. You also have a deeper access to artist’s catalogue of works, often including access to rare or early works. 

  • Commissions. A direct contact with the artist may allow you to procure personal commissions, such as Fine Art Portrait works for you, your family, business or colleagues. Such highly personalised fine art works, not only have greater value to you, they may also have a growing investment value.

  • Personal Care. You will often receive greater personal care and attention direct from the artist, rather than buying from busy, larger galleries. 

  • Queries. You specific queries can be answered direct from the artist about the specific work you have bought, or related or upcoming works.

  • Special Offers & Notice. You get early notice about special offers, news, events, or upcoming themes or studies. For example, an artist’s tour of your local city and the artist’s study of a particular issue or theme. 

  • Unique Insights. Many collectors like to buy from the artist direct because a closer relationship, gives them unique insights, for example about artistic philosophy, approaches, or specific themes.

  • Customisation. By buying direct from the artist, you may be able to customise your order, for example, selecting special sizes, matting, framing or other materials.

  • Events & Education. Many artists provide special events, or educational forums to help buyers better understand their work, approaches or themes. By buying direct and building a relationship with the artist, you get early notice of such events, before things are sold out.

  • Avoid Buying Pressure. By buying direct from the artist you avoid buying pressure. This allows you to take your time, research things more fully, and find works just right for you, your home or business.

  • Innovations. We are currently innovating at several levels- artistically, and in terms of materials and technology. For example, we are examining Blockchain and NFT technologies, and will announce listings and special offers first to our direct customers and subscribers. 



Our works are available to buyers internationally. To receive a free information kit, please complete the below form.


SPECIAL NOTE- We are currently reviewing this page, but still feel free to make a general enquiry below-

Thanks- we will be in touch shortly.

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”- Robert Frank

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