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Eternity Through Her

Her, she, him, us, all

Light, shadow, shape, line

One, two, five, universal

Eternity through her.

Delicate, precious, patient, powerful

Daughter, partner, friend, mother, carer, kin

Mother - Earth

Mother - life

Eternity through her.

All originate from her

All return to her

Light, love, destiny, chance from her

Mortality and the cosmos through her.

Eternity through her.

A million glimpses in a fraction of a second

A thousand years in the blink of an eye

Just less than a hundred years

I finally see Eternity through her.

Lee Spano, Fine Art Photography,

This work is available as a Limited Edition (LE) print. For a free information package, please visit this page: .

© Copyright Lee Spano. All rights reserved.


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