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14 Dancers

We see line, light and colour dance to create the natural beauty of a large sky. As if painted by another hand. Untouched by any human hand.

This dance is taken further as we see the faint lines in the middle of the image. Perhaps they are also a metaphor for a human dance. If we look closely, we seem to only see 13 dancers. Perhaps the 14th dancer is you, the viewer?

By making these comments, the artist entices you into the work. Perhaps you can become part of the work? Perhaps you can dance freely with the other dancers?

The work also touches on the Australian Indigenous idea and sensibility of The Dreaming. A time of creation. A time of simplicity. A time of unity.

Lee Spano, Fine Art Photography

This work is available as a Limited Edition (LE) print. For a free information package, please visit this page: .

© Copyright Lee Spano, All rights reserved.

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